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[software]EzProject project management - http://www.kever.com
This project scheduling tool supports any number of projects, tasks or resources. You can manage the scope and progress of your projects, and allocation and availability of your resources.
Keywords: EzProject project management; Business; Management; Scheduling; EzProject project management
Downloads: 137
[software]Audit Management System - http://www.qualityclinics.com
This software helps you manage your auditing against up to three documented system standards simultaneously. Reports can be e-mailed. You can define the clauses of the standard (ISO 9001: 2000 is already loaded) and you can assign clauses to departments, functions or processes. An ISO 14001 template is available. You can set up typical auditing questions for each standard and also assign specific questions to each clause...
Keywords: Audit Management System; Business; Management; Business; Audit Management System
Downloads: 228
[software]AppTracker - http://www.fortissoftware.com
This is a software license and usage tracking solution. It delivers down-to-the-second usage reports, and once the data is collected, a report is generated. The user can also build customized reports that can be imported into the system.
Keywords: AppTracker; Business; Management; Time and resource management
Downloads: 40
[software]Checklist - http://www.4thsoftware.com
This is a task management tool that helps you plan projects, prioritize 'to do' items, remember responsibilities and record accomplishments. This gives you what you need without unnecessary frills and is designed with a straightforward interface and streamlined functionality that helps you outline what needs to be done so you can stay on top of business.
Keywords: Checklist; Business; Management; Productivity; PROJECT MANAGEMENT; Checklist
Downloads: 93
[software]Time Hunter - http://www.structurise.com/TimeHunter
This program tracks computer use. Each installed system builds a log of a user activities, capturing the user ID, applications, and documents in use. This time-tracking system consolidates the data and generates reports. Data can be extracted by user ID, application, document or date. Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel. You can also create timesheets, and the program's data files are tamper-proof, prohibiting employees from distorting the information...
Keywords: Time Hunter; Business; Management; Time and resource management; time; hunter
Downloads: 45
[software]TimePanic - http://www.timepanic.com/english/index.html
This is a time-tracking tool for computer-based workplaces. It automatically records your daily working times and assists you in categorizing your jobs, keeps records of leave days, calculating overtime and creating project reports.
Keywords: TimePanic; Business; Management; Time and resource management; TimePanic; Time Panic
Downloads: 30
[software]RuleIT - http://www.apptech.dk
This program handles large amounts of data and many users to help you with time and resource management.
Keywords: RuleIT; Business; Management; Time and resource management; Rule IT
Downloads: 85
[software]Time Fencer - http://www.quickgrowth.com
This program automates much of the labor involved in time tracking. Time Fencer resides in the system tray, out of the way. It captures real billable hours, creates a shareable database file that can hold 2GB, and up to 100 people can use the same database. You can export reports for analysis or billing in another system.
Keywords: Time Fencer; Business; Management; Time and resource management; Time Fencer
Downloads: 27
[software]User Management Lite - http://www.tools4ever.com/products/usermanagement/lite/
This program supports user creation for Windows NT and Active Directory networks, including user resources like home directories and shares, customizable permissions, group memberships and exchange mailboxes. The program features advanced username and password generation algorithms and template-based configuration.
Keywords: User Management Lite; Business; Management; Workgroups; UserManagemeNT Lite
Downloads: 137
[software]InerTrak - http://www.inertron.com/inertrak
This time-tracking tool automatically keeps track of the time you spend on different projects throughout the day; all you do is click to start and stop the timer. A detailed view shows the daily totals for each project, and you can check off days as they are billed. You can also add a note to any date. Each project includes an hourly rate, which can be set automatically from the client's rate or set manually...
Keywords: InerTrak; Business; Management; Time and resource management; InerTrak
Downloads: 15
[software]Visual TimeAnalyzer - http://www.neuber.com/timeanalyzer/
This is a richly illustrated reporting time tracking, timesheet and project management program. You can track working time, pauses, projects, costs, software and internet use. You can also log individual users or particular projects, and record detailed accounts of time spent within specific programs. The logger automatically monitors all activities on your family's PC or your company's network. It also provides parents with control over their children's PC use.
Keywords: Visual TimeAnalyzer; Business; Management; Time and resource management; Visual TimeAnalyzer
Downloads: 161
[software]Timesheet Constructor - http://www.entrysoft.com
This program allows you to track your hours for one or many projects during a time period. It provides an Outlook-style planning system. You can export to PDF, Excel and HTML, and it offers mouse wheel support. You can also search the entire database. You can attach costs to an item and overlap events as well.
Keywords: Timesheet Constructor; Business; Management; Time and resource management; Timesheet Constructor
Downloads: 62
[software]WorkCentrics - http://www.workcentrics.com
This time tracking and activity management software enhances the existing data and functionality of your desktop. It works with the Microsoft Outlook personal information manager. Integration with Outlook is delivered in real time, and the program's time card interface lets you manage the links between your time and the other elements of your work product, including documents, and Outlook tasks, appointments, notes and messages.
Keywords: WorkCentrics; Business; Management; Time and resource management; WorkCentrics
Downloads: 34
[software]Timesheets MTS - http://www.timesheetsmts.com
This is a multiple-user time, materials and travel billing and logging tool. It is suited to accountancy firms, consultants, or contractors that provide services to companies and bill their time and expenses. Timesheets MTS can also be used to manage your employees' work hours, travel and expenses by client and by project. Let your employees enter their own time and expense information using one data store on your network and control the information centrally.
Keywords: Timesheets MTS; Business; Management; Time and resource management; Timesheets MTS
Downloads: 51
[software]BillingTracker Standard - http://www.BillingTracker.com
This is time billing, tracking and invoicing software for people who provide services to companies. It integrates with the ClientChecker Web site. You can manage hours worked by client and project, track outstanding debt, and receive notification when payments are late. You can bill customers in multiple currencies and tax rates, and view reports on your past work by date, hours, project or client.
Keywords: BillingTracker Standard; Business; Management; Time and resource management; BillingTracker Lite
Downloads: 27
[software]TaskCapture - http:///www.captureworks.com
This software tracks working time on any document in standard applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress and AutoCAD. It runs in the background on your computer, gathering important job-related information to your personal database whenever a document is closed.
Keywords: TaskCapture; Business; Management; Time and resource management; TaskCapture
Downloads: 58
[software]RealTime - http://sundialtime.com
This program records employee arrival and departure times, and other information like tips, advances, commissions, department and job number. The software automatically adds up employee time and allocates it to the proper departments and jobs. It then generates detailed or summary reports, which can be viewed, printed, faxed, e-mailed or saved as Word or Excel. Once delivered, supervisors and managers can review information and make corrections and omissions.
Keywords: RealTime; Business; Management; Time and resource management; RealTime
Downloads: 21
[software]NesterSoft WorkTime - http://www.nestersoft.com/worktime
This project tracker surveys the time you spend working on your PC. It launches on Windows startup and gathers statistics about projects, running programs, opened documents, visited Web sites and time you spent with each. The program displays your total working time, working time for an interval, and the time spent running some program, document or user-defined program group. Network logging and a spy mode are supported, and the program allows you to take regular breaks...
Keywords: NesterSoft WorkTime; Business; Management; Time and resource management; NesterSoft WorkTime
Downloads: 61
[software]Time Sled - http://www.enins.com/timesled
This time tracking utility lets you account for the time spent on tasks. Just start it when you begin working and stop it when you finish or pause. Tasks can be grouped into projects so you can set an hourly rate for a project as a whole. Projects can have sub-projects, and you can insert tasks that account for time you spend on a project while away from the computer. The program also lets you review or export records and print customized reports.
Keywords: Time Sled; Business; Management; Time and resource management; Time Sled
Downloads: 36
[software]CVTracker GOLD - http://www.cvtrack.com
This is a personal network management system for job seekers. It lets you organize a job campaign with metrics, details on who you've dealt with, what contacts you've made, what companies you are researching, document control and a pipeline to provide you with a sales tool to sell your services to your next employer. The software contains company targeting tools, and action plan development tools. It also includes an events management calendar and tasks calendar...
Keywords: CVTracker GOLD; Business; Management; Time and resource management; CVTracker GOLD
Downloads: 37
[software]StaffWorks - http://www.ctbsoftware.com
This is a company in and out board with timesheet, chat, mail, phone messages, alerts, reminders and task scheduler. It provides client-server and peer-to-peer architecture, real-time notifications with no polling of the server, and works over a LAN or the Internet.
Keywords: StaffWorks; Business; Management; Time and resource management; StaffWorks
Downloads: 180
[software]TimeTool - http://www.productive-tools.com
This tool tracks time spent on projects. Generate employee timesheets and customer invoices, or track the time spent on a given project over a certain period of time. Projects can be initiated from the system tray without opening a window. The program runs in the background and keeps accurate time for the duration of a project. There are also auto-start/stop and auto-recovery features. You can schedule automatic program updates as well.
Keywords: TimeTool; Business; Management; Time and resource management; TimeTool
Downloads: 26
[software]IntelliRoster - http://www.intellicate.com
This program delivers your deployment strategy to your whole organization. You simply design, create and share the schedule. You control and maintain all the information including templates that automate production of the schedules.
Keywords: IntelliRoster; Business; Management; Time and resource management; IntelliRoster
Downloads: 21
[software]Commit - http://www.commitcrm.com
This is a complete solution for managing your computer services business. With it, you can generate growth by creating leads for new business and pursuing leads. It can also help you to increase productivity by dispatching the right technician to the right call and measuring the technician's productivity.
Keywords: Commit; Business; Management; Time and resource management; Commit
Downloads: 44
[software]TimeWriter - http://www.timewriter.com
This tool provides registration of hours worked. It lets you book your hours on a grid that displays one week of hour entries at-a-glance. You can look up information using the calendar or search by week number. All navigation is performed with tabs. You can even book the remaining time of several days in a single action. There are extensive reporting functions and administrative tools. You can export data to DBF or comma-separated files...
Keywords: TimeWriter; Business; Management; Time and resource management; timewriter
Downloads: 16
[software]SnapTimePro - http://www.measureandconvert.com/prod01.htm
This digital stopwatch allows you to change the timing resolution between 1/100 of a second and one second. It also includes cycle rate and speed measurement modules. You can "snap" capture the time at any moment and automatically assign percentage weights to captured times; the weights continuously adjust as new times are recorded. You can add comments to each snapped time and mark specific times for exclusion...
Keywords: SnapTimePro; Business; Management; Time and resource management; SnapTimePro
Downloads: 28
[software]Inventory and stock control management - http://www.stockcontrol.be
This free invoicing software creates invoices with your company's logo type. In the same package, you get a stock control application to track your inventory and print out lists of current products in stock.
Keywords: Inventory and stock control management; Business; Inventory; Inventory management
Downloads: 199
[software]TestLog - http://www.testlog.com/products/testlog.htm
This is an integrated test case management system. It provides a tool for test teams to create and update effective test cases. It places a large emphasis on requirements management, as inefficiencies in this area are among the most serious causes of slippages, setbacks and even failures in the software product development life cycle. It encourages a structured approach to the use of test plans emphasizing the reuse of test cases.
Keywords: TestLog; Business; Management; Project; TestLog
Downloads: 22
[software]ARELIS - http://www.Axandra.com/arelis/index.htm
This program helps you build a business network.
Keywords: ARELIS; Business; Management; Business; ARELIS
Downloads: 62
[software]Defector - http://software.uvtek.net/defector
This project management and defect-tracking application is simple and handles most defect-tracking needs.
Keywords: Defector; Business; Management; Project; Defector
Downloads: 18
[software]Sirid - http://www.thraexsoftware.com/sirid/
This project management software allows you to assign tasks, report bugs, record feature requests, store specifications and track time. It sends notifications of new bugs and tasks to responsible persons and notifies of upcoming deadlines. It is used via an Internet browser and all employees and project members can use it from their own workstations or at home.
Keywords: Sirid; Business; Management; Project; Sirid
Downloads: 59
[software]ManagerAssistant - http://www.managerassistant.com
This program tracks, evaluates and controls the behavior, performance and activities of your employees. It supports performance reviews and appraisals, tracking paid time off and incident tracking.
Keywords: ManagerAssistant; Business; Management; Scheduling; ManagerAssistant
Downloads: 51
[software]PolMan - http://www.sysprosoft.com/pol_summary.shtml
This program allows you to view group policies as an overview, on a per-policy basis or by registry key. It provides a synchronization checks across all domain controllers, ensures that policies are applied correctly, and calculates resultant policy settings for a given user and machine. The program also includes an editor for ADM templates.
Keywords: PolMan; Business; Management; Business; PolMan
Downloads: 25
[software]SharedPlan - http://www.sharedplan.com
This project planning tool supports e-mail collaboration, PERT/Gantt charts with critical paths identified, reporting, analysis, and custom calendar and resource pools.
Keywords: SharedPlan; Business; Management; Project; SharedPlan
Downloads: 20
[software]ServiceTraq - http://www.cyberspacehq.com/products/servicetraq/
This solution allows you to offer a full suite of customer service options, including live chat with co-browsing and macros, case management with automated routing and private message threading, a searchable knowledge base with advanced features like user-rated articles and subscription to articles, automated case reminders, priority handling and chat login. You can also use this to offer customer and exit surveys that allow you to measure satisfaction and product idea testing...
Keywords: ServiceTraq; Business; Management; Customer support
Downloads: 13
[software]Lannouncement - http://www.tarosoft.com
This bulletin board system allows you to post emergency must-read messages that automatically appear to the LAN user on login or pops-up regardless of what application they are in. It also functions as a complete bulletin board and discussion group application for your local area network.
Keywords: Lannouncement; Business; Management; Workgroups; Lannouncement
Downloads: 18
[software]TimePortrait - http://www.timeportrait.com
This timesheet system lets employees modify and submit their timesheets via an add-in for Microsoft Outlook. It offers a back-end system that can manage personnel, tasks, projects, and jobs, and generate reports on staff and work.
Keywords: TimePortrait; Business; Management; Project; TimePortrait
Downloads: 43
[software]ESIBIS - http://esibis.com
This is a stand-alone system for full cost control and reporting of all aspects of mechanical, electrical or building workshop repair, servicing or maintenance including the cost of components analysis. You can view or print all customer, payroll, inventory, BAS, income and expenditure details. Help facility and prompt messages guide the user at all points of decision. Reporting and search facilities are selected by user.
Keywords: ESIBIS; Business; Management; Business; ESIBIS
Downloads: 28
[software]NolaPro - http://www.nolapro.com/
This Web-based business management solution is designed to trace and track business transactions typical of Fortune 500 companies. It can be tailored to either small companies or large companies. It supports inventory tracking, order entry, account receivables, account payables, personnel management, general ledgers, payroll, shopping cart and detailed reports.
Keywords: NolaPro; Business; Management; Business; NolaPro
Downloads: 62
[software]AutoCall - http://www.starksoft.com/
This office automation application helps eliminate overbooking without hiring additional staff. It automates your client and patient reminder calls and works with the Way2Call Hi-Phone Desktop telephony device.
Keywords: AutoCall; Business; Management; Productivity; AutoCall
Downloads: 40
[software]AlbaWrite - http://www.albawrite.com
This program creates reports by asking you a series of questions. Many of these questions can be answered by clicking options using your mouse, others require you to complete a sentence or paragraph which AlbaWrite starts for you. At the end of an interview it compiles your answers into a report in your word processing package. You can create your own report templates.
Keywords: AlbaWrite; Business; Management; Productivity; AlbaWrite
Downloads: 83
[software]CTCnet - http://www.ctxm.com/products/pro_ctcnet/
This is a browser-based collaboration and knowledge management software tool. It provides project, document and process management functionality, with version control and a search function. It supports document sharing over the Web and the facilitation of ISO9000 procedures.
Keywords: CTCnet; Business; Management; Workgroups; CTCnet
Downloads: 18
[software]IssueView - http://www.IssueView.Com
This is a multiple-project bug tracker for SQL Server and Access. It includes a grid and a preview pane. Attachments, filters, reports, charts, graphs, e-mail notifications and Web support are included functions.
Keywords: IssueView; Business; Management; Project; IssueView
Downloads: 44
[software]Boris - http://www.orisboris.com
This program helps small and medium-sized businesses manage their prospects and customer relationships. It blends contact management, call scheduling, mail merge automation, and team-based communication tools to help you proactively predict and manage your sales pipeline, and to deliver a consistent level of communication to all your contact network.
Keywords: Boris; Business; Management; Business; Boris
Downloads: 44
[software]EasyProject - http://www.sad.no
This project management tool includes reports for project costs, gantt charts and resource utilization tools.
Keywords: EasyProject; Business; Management; Project; EasyProject
Downloads: 45
[software]SalonSalonII - http://www.xtremeblue.com
This salon management program offers an appointment book with overwrite protection, and more than 23 different reports that provide stats and daily earnings for the salon or each employee. The customer database supports photo insert, formulas, specialized reports and referral tracking.
Keywords: SalonSalonII; Business; Management; Retail; SalonSalonII
Downloads: 34
[software]CARBuddy - http://www.carbuddysoftware.com
This program tracks your car maintenance, vehicle tax and expenses. It includes reminders and car care tips, and you can store receipts and pictures of your car. You can also estimate the payments of your next car loan, and record names and addresses of frequent contacts in the address book.
Keywords: CARBuddy; Business; Management; Automotive; CARBuddy
Downloads: 58
[software]Possom - http://www.riverviewcomp.com
This is a POS system that allows you to analyze sales by customer, employee or supplier. It tracks customer expenditures and birthdays; records stock and services; and has a calendar with appointments, reminders and staff holidays.
Keywords: Possom; Business; Management; Retail; Possom
Downloads: 20
[software]SchedulerLite - http://www.schedulerlite.com/
This is a general purpose rostering and scheduling tool. It is suitable for both pattern-based and unstructured rosters. Build your rosters, print out individual schedules for your employees and print the complete roster for reference. Roster both staff and asset resources, roster a stand-in for a resource, copy whole rosters to repeat patterns, and import and export data.
Keywords: SchedulerLite; Business; Management; Business; SchedulerLite
Downloads: 47
[software]StarPlanner - http://www.willebois.nl
You can use this tool for planning appointments with clients.
Keywords: StarPlanner; Business; Management; Scheduling; StarPlanner
Downloads: 27
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